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Sharm Holding

"SHARM Holding" company was established in 1991 and currently holds a leading position in the area of advertising and show business in Armenia. The Holding incorporates advertising agency, production agency and the production center, which deals with realization of so-called "special" projects.

We specialize in production and distribution of commercials, creation of brand new and original TV and radio projects, organization of concerts, PR campaigns, presentations and much more. The company has succeeded in creation of a brand new TV channel and a radio station, conceptual rebranding of large-scale companies, production of documentaries, feature and animation films, production and implementation of theatre projects, publishing of magazines and catalogues and much, much more.

If "SHARM Holding" currently is unambiguously apprehended as a brand in the entertainment industry, the praise of this high estimation should be given to a team of professionals, who primordially set the bar high. From the very beginning we aimed not merely at ensuring quality, but becoming a "keynoter" in the sphere of our activity.

We made it and consider it something to be proud of!

We do care the society we live, work in, since we have "tomorrow", which we have to make better and more comfortable.

Our team:
Our company employs over 100 staff: young people gaining experience, true professionals, representatives of Armenia cultural elite.



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Garage TV program

Year: 2010

It starts from the moment you take a seat behind a steering-wheel for the first time, then ride along a sharp loop and hear wheels drift. Then you either swear to drive never again, or you just fall in love with that gear.

Each car enthusiast wants his gear to have the best wheels, best technical capabilities and unique body...

How to revive a car and make it unique and noticeable even on jammed streets? Troubleshooting, as well as total tuning – you could check it out in Garage on Armenia TV. Welcome to Garage.

Author of the idea and the host: Erik Antaranyan

Director: Levon Baltikyan

Producer: Erik Antaranyan

General producer: Ruben Jaghinyan

Broadcast on Armenia TV 

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